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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Marketing

If you’re already experimenting with video in your marketing, then that’s great, you’re on the right track, but if you haven’t jumped onto the video marketing bandwagon yet, then here are 5 reasons why you should start today

1 – Your customers are watching video

For the most part, we’re visual creatures, and the vast majority of us watch videos on a daily basis. So if your customers are already watching videos, then shouldn’t they be watching yours?

2 – Your competition is already using video to attract more customers

The jury is out and video for marketing is the clear winner. Not only can you pack more information in a short video then in long written copy, but you can also infuse your video with emotion, which is what triggers most people to take action.

3 – Video is easier to find in search engines

Video search engines like YouTube are second only to Google for traffic results. Why not capitalize on this fact to generate more traffic for your business?

4 – Videos Educate, Entertain and Inspire

Videos are a fantastic way to educate, inspire and entertain your customers. As I mentioned before, the ability to infuse your video message with powerful, action triggering emotion is a real game changer.

5 – Videos convert more than any other medium

A large percentage of buyers rely on images and videos to help them with a purchase decision. Using video to highlight your product or service benefits is a great way to help guide your customers to make the decision to buy.

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