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A Goal Without A Plan Is A Dream

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve

Nothing is more powerful than the imagination, and nothing is more gratifying than achieving something that you’ve conceived of and worked for.  A lot of people dream of success, but do nothing to achieve the success they so desperately want.  It takes more than just wanting to be successful, you have to set goals, make plans and work steadily to achieve it.  Most of us don’t know how to set goals, make plans or manage our time efficiently, so we get frustrated and quit at the first sign of resistance.

Set your Goals in concrete and your Plans in sand

You must have a clearly defined goal. 

John Rockefeller once said,If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.

I want to be rich is too abstract of a concept to be an achievable goal.  Don’t just think about your goal, write it down.  It must be clearly defined and put a deadline on it.  A clearly defined goal will keep you focused and a deadline will keep you determined.  Your goal will always be the same, but your plans for reaching that goal may change and change often.  A clearly defined goal will allow you to pivot when challenges come along.

Obstacles are those things you see when you take your eyes off the goal

Trust me, there will be plenty of distractions when you set your plan in motion. 

Robert Heinlein said, In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.

As human beings, we love to procrastinate.  We do menial tasks that give us the illusion that we are productive when in reality it’s just the opposite.  If your goal is to run a business and be profitable, then you have to ask yourself, is this an Income Producing Activity (IPA)?  Is what you’re doing bringing you closer to what you ultimately want?  If not, then rethink your actions. 

A winner concentrates on that which is goal achieving rather than tension relieving.” – Denis Waitley. 

Does that mean you have to be working 24/7/365?  Of course not, but schedule your escapes within your plan so you don’t get side tracked from your goal.

Make sure you get that feeling of accomplishment daily

Most of us that are working a business on our own don’t get that feeling of accomplishment on a daily basis.  To overcome that, think about making lists.  Start off with a daily Six Most Important Things list.  This doesn’t have to be all goal related, but make sure that the majority of the list are IPA’s.  As you go through the day, you can check these things off of your list and get that feeling of accomplishment that we all need.  If you don’t get to something, don’t get frustrated, just move it to the next days list and move on.  Chart out your plans to reach your goal.  Put them on a white board or poster and mark off each milestone you reach.  Build the excitement within you as you see yourself progressing closer and closer to your goal.

Have a “Why”

The best way to motivate you into reaching a goal is to have a strong “Why”

Why do you want to reach this goal?  What will your life be like once you reach your goal?  How will reaching your goal make you feel?  These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself to clearly define your “Why”.  The more emotional you are about the goal, the more motivated you will be to achieve it.

You don’t have to run the race alone

Just because you have a goal, doesn’t mean you have to be a Lone Ranger.  Find someone that has a similar goal and become running buddies.  Encourage each other through the obstacles and successes along the way.  If you have family, get them involved too.  You’ll be surprised how excited your partner or children will be to help you track your goals.  Make it part of your daily routine to get with them to mark off your successes.  This will also motivate you to keep going when you stumble.

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