About Duplicity Marketing

Duplicity Marketing is a site created and collaborated on by twin brothers Mike and Chris White.

Mike and Chris started their entrepreneurship endeavors early on in life, with various projects like lemonade stands, lawn mowing services, and even going door-to-door selling crocheted outfits that their mother created as a hobby.

Fast forward to day, and the brothers are both engaged in various business ventures, however until now, have not really collaborated on a project as adults. Duplicity Marketing is one of the first online business collaborations for these two and it is focused on helping themselves and others become more successful online.

Many of the techniques and lessons executed in this joint venture were learned in the Partnership to Success program created and taught by Mr.John Thornhill. This amazing step-by-step program will take you from knowing very little about online marketing, through to creating and launching your own programs, so be sure to check it out here.