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Get This Wrong and Your Marketing Videos will Crash and Burn

Here’s the truth about video marketing.  If your script sucks, so will your video, and you will lose the game.

It doesn’t matter how clean and awesome your video looks, if your message is unclear, if you don’t build brand, if you don’t represent your niche properly, you video marketing efforts will fail miserably.

Actually creating the video itself is not the difficult part.  The challenge is developing a script that is engaging and compels the viewer to take action.

Creating a powerful script is not easy, if it were, then all video marketers would be living like kings, just raking in the money and enjoying a life of luxury.  But that’s not the case.  Most video marketers drop the ball in this area and that’s why their video efforts fail.

So, what are the hallmark characteristics of a solid and compelling video marketing script?

Overall, your video must be focused on conversions, that is, converting viewers into buying customers.  You can accomplish this by adopting the following characteristics in your video marketing efforts.

Your Video Must Speak Plainly

“Don’t use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do.” ~ Mark Twain

If you make your viewers feel dumb, or talked down to, you lose.  Your video script should be written as though you are speaking to a close friend, using plain everyday language and vocabulary.

If you use too many “big words” or “Tech Speak” then your viewer will feel like you’re trying to hide something.  Your language should present you as someone who is approachable and caring.

Don’t beat around the bush

Get to the point quickly.  Studies show that you only have a few seconds to capture a viewers attention, otherwise they will click away and watch something else, and you lose again.

Tell stories with your videos.  Start with a bold promise or present a problem and hint at the solution.  This will peak your viewers interested and compel them to continue watching.

If you draw things out too long, your viewer will lose interested and move on.  Don’t waste the viewers time.  Get to the point quickly and make sure it satisfies a need or desire that you viewer is interested in.

Pack a lot of emotion into your videos

People buy on emotion and rationalize on facts. 

Your videos should stir up some uncomfortable emotions in your viewers and then present them with the promise of a solution.

Whether you present the material yourself, or hire a voice over artist, make sure that there are variations in your tone, pitch and timbre, to create highs and lows in emotional fluctuations within the viewers mind.

Make sure your script has an emotional call to action

 After you have picked at the emotional scare for a while, present the viewer with some relief by taking action on your offer.

Don’t leave the viewer hanging, and don’t leave them to figure out for themselves what to do next.  Give clear, concise directions on what action they should take immediately, or you will have wasted all of your time and effort.

Everyone’s favorite radio station is WIIFM (What’s in it for me).  What will they get when they take action on your offer?  Will they save money?  Is the product going to last longer?  Is the product easier to user?  Is the service more effective at a more economical price?

You have to think in terms of benefits, not features.  As the saying goes, “Sell the SIZZLE, not the Steak.”

If you get your script wrong, then all of your efforts will be for naught, and your video marketing efforts will crash and burn.

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