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This is the Secret Ingredient of Highly Effective Marketing Videos

How many times have you watched a video online that moved you or motivated you to take action?  I would predict that the number is very low.

Although there is no shortage of interesting and entertaining videos online, the fact that something is entertaining or memorable doesn’t necessarily mean that it will compel you to buy something.

Usually, the videos that you enjoy watching online don’t have any real commercial value or message, they’re just fun to watch.  They don’t promote anything or direct you to take any specific action, they are just for fun.

This is what causes many people to be confused about video marketing.  Many video marketers assume that as long as their videos are memorable or entertaining that is enough to make it effective in selling a product or service.  Even if your video goes viral and is shared by millions of people, there’s no guarantee it will produce any sales for your business.

Don’t engage in magical thinking, the kind that leads you to believe that views and shares equate to dollars and cents.  They do not.

You have to approach your video marketing with clear thinking and a focused intent.  In fact, if you don’t, you could find yourself spending thousands on video marketing, and making no forward progress at all.

Many video marketers are under the misconception that effective marketing videos are cute, memorable, quirky, funny, interesting, weird, fascinating, earth-shattering, insightful or shocking.  But none of these traits do what is necessary, which is put money in your bank account.

Even a poorly created, amateurish video can bring home the bacon, if it possesses the right elements.

Don’t measure your success in shares, likes and retweets, none of these matter in the long run, only conversions will grow your business.

The secret to video marketing success is conversions.

Directly or indirectly, a marketing video must lead to conversions, or it’s a money loser.

Beyond conversions, great video marketing also contributes to developing and building a brand.  When someone watches a great marketing video, they know where the video came from, and they know there is more to come from that source.

Viewers also learn that a well branded source will produce high quality videos in the future, which helps to develop viewer loyalty.

As important as branding and quality are in video marketing, we have to focus on what’s really important in effective video marketing.  I’m talking about PRESENCE.

A highly effective marketing video is chuck full of presence.  You can tell what the brand is and what it stands for.  You know what product or service is being endorsed, and how it speaks to your specific needs. 

A video that conveys presence doesn’t have to be a human speaking into the camera, animated characters can also convey presence when utilized properly.  Presence is a human state of mind where we feel a connection and engagement with the speaker.

Many video marketers overlook the value of presence and believe that as long as they have the right “formula” that conversions will naturally occur, this could be a devastating mistake.

What complicates things even more is that presence is context specific.  Different niches will require different elements to create the appropriate presence for effective video marketing.

However, once you understand your niche and your target market, and you craft your video script and your brand to appropriately speak to that market, your level of success with effective video marketing will increase.

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Do Marketing Videos Have To Explain Stuff?

Many video marketers feel the need to educate and convince viewers in order to demonstrate authority and to build trust and rapport.  And to a certain extent, they are correct.  An effective marketing video should educate the viewer, but not necessarily in the way you might think.

When you think about an “educational” video, do you get an image of Ben Stein standing in front of the classroom shouting “Bueller, Bueller” in a monotoned voice?

Unfortunately, that the risk you take when creating your marketing videos, the risk is that you may go overboard in trying to explain or educate your viewers.  The goal is not to bore the viewer to death, the goal is to stir up some emotions and engage them fully.

It’s good to educate your viewers, but you have to do it in an effective way.  Don’t just ramble on about features and facts, or all of the pros and cons, or advantages and disadvantages. You don’t want to lecture your viewer, you want them to take action and buy your product or service.

The educational aspect of your video needs to be concise and to the point.  Educate only enough to lead to conversions, and no more, otherwise you risk confusing your viewer and scaring them away.

Once you’ve established trust and rapport, you need to shift the focus away from education and towards your product or service.  You need to move to a discussion of all of the solutions that are out there, and break down how they all fall short, and how your solution will work better for your viewer.

Maybe the other solutions are too expensive, or too complicated, or simply miss the mark.  You then demonstrate how your solution overcomes all of these weaknesses in the best possible way.

Line up the worst aspects of the competitors products against the most positive aspects of yours and then direct them to take action by purchasing what you have to offer.

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What Is The Difference Between Regular Videos And Marketing Videos?

I have got a depressing statistic to share with you. The vast majority of videos on YouTube have very little views. We’re talking less than 100. You image taking the time and trouble to shoot a video and then uploading it to YouTube only to get less than hundred views.

I am not talking about somebody shooting a footage of their high school dance party or dance scene from a local play. I’m talking about videos that are intended by marketers to convert their audience members into buyers. I’m talking about intentionally produced, crafted, scripted, and uploaded videos. In fact, a lot of these videos were not cheap. The marketer who uploaded them actually spent money on them. Still, there they are, gathering digital dust, stuck at 100 views or less. One of the main reasons this tragedy happens is because a lot of video marketers are unclear regarding the differences between regular and marketing videos.

A lot of people are thinking that as long as they shoot videos a lot of the benefits of marketing videos will magically happen. They will be able to communicate on a very direct level. They would be able to send all sorts of signals that can convert the viewer. They would be able to present what would otherwise be complicated information in a very direct, personal, and immediate way.

Unfortunately, they produce one video after another and nothing seems to work. It all comes back to this confusion regarding regular videos and marketing videos.

Regular videos are supplemental in nature

Please understand that if you want to make money with your videos you have to know, what they can and cannot do. When you make a regular video, this is essentially video that is content. You’re either explaining stuff, you’re revealing information, or you’re just entertaining the reader. Nothing wrong with that. This is supplemental to your efforts at building a brand. These videos get the reader to feel like they know what you’re about, what your brand is focused on. You might even get the reader to like your brand, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they trusted enough to buy from it. This is the difference.

You have to remember that to sell anything online you have to walk a person through the KLT process. KLT stands for know-like-trust. For a person to buy, you must first trust you enough to want to buy from you. For them to trust you, they must first like whatever it is you’re offering. They must like your brand enough to trust you. For them to develop a liking to your brand, they must first feel that they know enough about the problem that your brand solution solves. There are many stages to this. There are at least four stages before you get people to rip out their credit cards and buy stuff through an online form.

Regular videos only take care of you on the K and L phases. They do a great job getting the prospect to feel like they know enough about their problems and the likely solutions. Supplemental videos can also do a good job getting the prospect to like a particular approach or particular class of solutions but they don’t go far enough. They don’t take you to the trust stage. This is where marketing videos come in.

Marketing videos build trust

The great thing about video marketing is that you’re able to walk a person through the KLT process within the same video. First, you present the problem. This filters the viewer. If the viewer does not have the problem the video talks about, that the viewer is not going to remain a viewer for long. They are going to close the window and watch another video. The video doesn’t speak to their needs.

The video then presents the general solutions or common solutions to the problem. It sizes up the advantages and disadvantages of the solution. By this point, the viewer would feel a preference for one solution over the other. Effective videos then go to the next step. They present credible and authoritative information in the form of case studies and stories that they get the viewer to trust that the specific solution that they are promoting is the solution they should use. That’s how you get people to buy.

Also marketing videos are written and produced in such a way that they tightly integrate with your other marketing initiatives. This way you can easily share them on Facebook, you can tweet them on Twitter as well as share them on many other platforms. This is the difference between regular videos and marketing videos. Don’t get your wires crossed.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money making one marketing video after another. Highly effective marketing videos take a lot of time or they cost money. Instead, you can produce cheaper regular videos to walk your prospects through the KLT process and then let your single or couple of videos convert them. That’s how you play the game. That’s how you get viewers to trust your solution.

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The Five Hallmarks Of A Truly Effective Video Marketing Script

The heart and soul of marketing video are not the typical belts and whistles that see in such a video. It’s not the diagrams, it’s not the infographics, it’s not the layout, it’s not even the very interesting accents of the voice-over actors. It has nothing to do with that. It definitely has nothing to do with how smooth, flawless, or sharp the images are.

Instead, what makes a video truly effective is its content. I am of course talking about its script. Screw up here and you have just wasted your money on creating a marketing video. That video is not going to do what you think it should do. How can it. It doesn’t have the tools. It doesn’t have the capacity, it doesn’t have the ability because the script is lackluster.

How do you write highly effective script? How do you outsource it? How can you tell whether the video script that have for your marketing video is solid? It will have the following five hallmarks. Ideally you should insist on all five.

Hallmark #1: Plain English. 

There is a reason why really successful politicians speak at the eighth-grade English level. This is quite puzzling to many untrained observers because a lot of these politicians actually have advanced degrees like Juris Doctor or medical doctor and MBA degrees. Why do they speak like eighth graders. Eighth-grade English has very few five-dollar words. Most words are short, easy to understand and very accessible.

This is why politicians and trained speakers speak at this level. It is the lowest common denominator. If you keep it at that level most people would understand. Highly effective video scripts are written in plain English. They don’t try to dazzle or impress the viewer by blasting them with all sorts of jargon terms and acronyms. You come off as somebody who is trying to hide ignorance when you do that. You end up looking like somebody who is trying too hard to impress the viewer.

In fact, if you overdo this and you just blast the viewer with so many long, flowery, or even technical words they might even think you’re pretentious. You might come off as somebody who is trying to be something he or she is not. Plain English enables you to come off as more sincere, authentic, and real.

Hallmark #2: They are short.

Let me tell you, most people do not have the time of day to listen to a long speech. There are better things to do. This is the reason why most people don’t even read online articles. They just scan for keywords. If see the keyboard that they’re looking for, that’s when they slow down and they would read a little bit more of the article. Otherwise, they’re just scanning through. It’s kind of like going through your Facebook feed on your mobile device. You don’t have the time to thoroughly read every link. That’s just not going to happen. You’re too busy for that. The same applies to video. Highly effective marketing videos are short and to the point, but they get the job done.

They tell a very convincing personal story, it communicates a wide range of benefits tied to the solution the video promotes. They do this using many different signals and it operates on many different levels. It operates on an emotional level, logical level as well as a conceptual level. You have to understand that the ability to tell a story quickly enables you to communicate clearly in a very short period of time. You don’t have to give a long speech for that.

Hallmark #3: Easy to vocally emote.

Well-written video marketing scripts are very easy to vocally act out. You just need to read a word and read the next word that follows it in the sentence to instantly know that you have to either raise your voice a little bit, sound concerned, sound suspicious, sound excited, and a hundred other emotional signals you can send with your voice.

Great scripts are very clear as to the kind of emotional twists and turns they demand. Bad scripts make you sound like you’re just reading off a TelePrompTer or you’re just reading a book. It’s dull, lifeless, and very generic. You run the risk of sounding like some sort of robot.

Hallmark #4: Effective scripts mention case studies or stories.

If you are able to tell a story you, will be able to connect with people on a very personal note. I have yet to see a person who is convinced by just raw data. You have to at least present that data into a form people can engage with. This form is called a story. Believe it or not, people use the story form to make sense of the world. You should do the same with your marketing videos. By including a case study or tool, in the video, you make it clear to the prospect that you’re not just making stuff, but there is some hard science or hard numbers behind the claims of benefits the video is talking about.

Hallmark #5: Emotional call to action.

Highly effective video marketing scripts tie the benefit the prospect would get from buying a product with the call to action. Effective scripts don’t just say click the order button or click subscribe now. Instead, they talk about the benefit and tying it to that action. For example, the script would say gain the confidence you felt you’ve lost by losing the spare tire around your midsection. Take action today. Isn’t that much better than just saying click here or clicking the link in the description below.

Whether you are writing your own video or having it written by somebody else, make sure the five hallmarks listed above are present in the script. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

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Does video marketing have to cost you a lot of money?

The main reason many entrepreneurs and companies don’t jump into video marketing is because of the fear of cost.  It’s not that they don’t appreciate the power of video to convey information and to move prospects to buy.  In fact, marketing experts will all agree that video marketing brings a lot of value to the table.  No one will argue with this fact.  The disagreements start around misconceptions regarding the cost of video marketing.  They see the benefits but are unclear if the cost is justified.

Many video marketing attempts fail the first time around

What really clouds the picture around video marketing is that, like with anything you try the first time, if you don’t have a blueprint or plan, your likelihood to fail is very high.  This is true not only for video marketing, but across the board with other new endeavors as well.

When people blindly jump into something new because they are all excited about it, but they lack any training, coaching or guidance, they will often make rookie mistakes that cost time and money.  However, that doesn’t need to be the case here.

With the proper training, coaching, and blueprint, video marketing can be fun, easy and very cost effective.  Your videos don’t have to look raw and amateurish.  With the proper guidance, you can be creating professional, effective videos in a very short period.

So, you see, it’s not really an issue of cost but rather an issue of information and education.  With the right information, education and guidance, you can produce powerful videos right out of the gate.

There’s more than one way to solve the video marketing problem

One of the reasons for the misconception that video marketing costs a lot of money, is that may people are under the delusion that they have to produce Hollywood Blockbuster style videos, with lots of production overhead.  This simply is not the case.  In fact, many niche markets respond very highly to basic, straight forward videos.  You just have to know your niche.  The better you know your audience, the more powerful your videos will be.

There are many tools available to use

In todays modern video marketing space, you don’t need to invest in expensive cameras and software.  In reality, you can shoot high quality, professional videos with nothing more than your smart phone, thereby drastically reducing your overall cost.

Also, there are free and low-cost software options available to use.  Free packages like MovieMaker on the Microsoft Platform, or iMovie on the Mac are included in the operating system at no additional cost and provide you with basic, but effective video editing options.  You can buy more feature rich programs like ScreenFlow for the Mac and Camtasia for the PC for around $100, when you’re ready to kick things up a notch.

So, you see, you can crank out high quality videos for your marketing, armed with nothing more than your smart phone and a computer, using free or low-cost software.  All you need now is some guidance on how to approach video marketing in today’s modern world.

Below is a link to a special offer on a course that will get you started learning about Modern Video Marketing. 

Click the link below for more details.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Marketing

If you’re already experimenting with video in your marketing, then that’s great, you’re on the right track, but if you haven’t jumped onto the video marketing bandwagon yet, then here are 5 reasons why you should start today

1 – Your customers are watching video

For the most part, we’re visual creatures, and the vast majority of us watch videos on a daily basis. So if your customers are already watching videos, then shouldn’t they be watching yours?

2 – Your competition is already using video to attract more customers

The jury is out and video for marketing is the clear winner. Not only can you pack more information in a short video then in long written copy, but you can also infuse your video with emotion, which is what triggers most people to take action.

3 – Video is easier to find in search engines

Video search engines like YouTube are second only to Google for traffic results. Why not capitalize on this fact to generate more traffic for your business?

4 – Videos Educate, Entertain and Inspire

Videos are a fantastic way to educate, inspire and entertain your customers. As I mentioned before, the ability to infuse your video message with powerful, action triggering emotion is a real game changer.

5 – Videos convert more than any other medium

A large percentage of buyers rely on images and videos to help them with a purchase decision. Using video to highlight your product or service benefits is a great way to help guide your customers to make the decision to buy.

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Free Targeted Traffic Made Easy!

You have built your website and boy are you proud!  Surely you have done the hard part and now it is just a matter of sitting back and waiting for all the eager customers to come calling?  If only it was that simple!

You have done some research and found plenty of ways to pay for traffic, but that wasn’t part of the plan.

It would be great to be able to get traffic to your site without emptying your savings account, wouldn’t it?

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So, you try one or two free methods of getting traffic to your site but find that either they don’t work well enough or you weren’t exactly sure how to use them.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a system which allowed you to access numerous traffic getting methods and to be able to keep track of all your traffic so you can see at a glance what is working and what is not?

Such a system has been designed by Dave Whitworth and John Thornhill and it is called the 30-Day Traffic Flow.

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It is a system that uses a computer program that anyone can use with free resources.

A system that when followed will give you a steady flow of traffic that will turn into a flood.

If you are sick of all those programs promising thousands of visitors to your site and you are not afraid of a little work then why not check out the 30 Day Traffic Flow….

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The Top 10 Keys To Highly Successful Video Marketing

It’s no secret that people love to watch videos, it’s also not a secret that videos are the easiest and most effective way to convey information. If you are not utilizing video in your marketing, then you are losing customers.

Below are 10 Keys that will help you be more successful with your video marketing efforts.

1 – “Don’t sell the steak, sell the SIZZLE!”

We all seem to be naturally wired to respond with a “NO!” when faced with a sales pitch, and it’s important to remember that we all buy based on emotion, and then rationalize our actions with logic. With this knowledge in mind, create your videos in such a way that they tell e story, and describe benefits and outcomes. By doing this, you will gain more viewing completion rates and build rapport and authority. Afterwards, you can casually offer a link to your sales page.

2 – Engage viewers quickly or lose them forever

The human attention span seems to be getting shorter every day. With so much information thrown at us from every angle, we need to capture our viewers attention early on, in order to ensure they stay with us long enough to gain value from our videos. Therefore, start your videos off with a bold statement or a compelling story, that is enticing and thought provoking.

3 – Life is short…don’t be so serious

Dull, mono toned, lifeless videos are no fun to watch, and rapidly drive viewers away. Even if the subject your presenting is a serious one, you can still add some light moments, or at the very least, change the tempo, pitch, and inflection of your voice, so that listeners don’t get bored and click away.

4 – To err is human…and that’s OK

Your videos don’t have to be 100% perfect in fact, it’s best that they are not. Minor flaws in speech and presentation are endearing and sound more natural, this will make you appear more down-to-earth and approachable.

5 – Share embarrassing stories about yourself

Highlight your flaws and embarrassing moments, especially pertaining to your subject of discussion. Talk about what you have tried and failed and learned from. This builds rapport and authority as someone who has “been there” and “done that”.

6 – Make sure viewers can find your videos

The best video in the world is useless if no one sees it, so make sure that your viewers can find your content. If you can, firs host the video on your own domain, before uploading it to a sharing site. Make sure your descriptions back-link to your domain. Allow your videos to be embedded, to encourage sharing. Use tags for relevant keywords, and add full descriptions and an unique title. All of this will help your videos be more discover-able.

7 – Leave the viewer feeling smarter

Viewers feel better about themselves when they learn something from what they watch. Deliver your content in easy to follow and understand segments, so that your viewers can really grasp the materials presented. If they feel that the have learned something of value, they will be eager to share that knowledge with others, creating more traffic for you.

8 – Utilize Social Proof to encourage sharing

We are all social creatures, and we tend to follow similar trends and thought patterns of those we associate or identify with. Allowing your viewers to leave comments an share your videos on social media will encourage more engagement and viewer feedback.

9 – Drive your viewer to take action

Don’t waste the opportunity to engage with your viewers after they view your content. Always leave them with some kind of “Call to action”, whether it simply a direction to visit your website for more information, or to register for a free report, or some other action.

10 – Increase conversions by adding video to your landing pages

If you have a sales page that has a lot of text on it, such that your visitors have to read a lot, that might be fine for some, but for the more visual learners, that could be a mild form of torture. By adding a video at the top of your sales page, which conveys all of the information provided in text, and the same call to action at the end, will be more engaging and will convert higher in the long run.

There you have it, 10 tips to help you become more effective with your video marketing. I hope you found this information valuable. Be sure to come back to this blog frequently for more valuable information.