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The Top 10 Keys To Highly Successful Video Marketing

It’s no secret that people love to watch videos, it’s also not a secret that videos are the easiest and most effective way to convey information. If you are not utilizing video in your marketing, then you are losing customers.

Below are 10 Keys that will help you be more successful with your video marketing efforts.

1 – “Don’t sell the steak, sell the SIZZLE!”

We all seem to be naturally wired to respond with a “NO!” when faced with a sales pitch, and it’s important to remember that we all buy based on emotion, and then rationalize our actions with logic. With this knowledge in mind, create your videos in such a way that they tell e story, and describe benefits and outcomes. By doing this, you will gain more viewing completion rates and build rapport and authority. Afterwards, you can casually offer a link to your sales page.

2 – Engage viewers quickly or lose them forever

The human attention span seems to be getting shorter every day. With so much information thrown at us from every angle, we need to capture our viewers attention early on, in order to ensure they stay with us long enough to gain value from our videos. Therefore, start your videos off with a bold statement or a compelling story, that is enticing and thought provoking.

3 – Life is short…don’t be so serious

Dull, mono toned, lifeless videos are no fun to watch, and rapidly drive viewers away. Even if the subject your presenting is a serious one, you can still add some light moments, or at the very least, change the tempo, pitch, and inflection of your voice, so that listeners don’t get bored and click away.

4 – To err is human…and that’s OK

Your videos don’t have to be 100% perfect in fact, it’s best that they are not. Minor flaws in speech and presentation are endearing and sound more natural, this will make you appear more down-to-earth and approachable.

5 – Share embarrassing stories about yourself

Highlight your flaws and embarrassing moments, especially pertaining to your subject of discussion. Talk about what you have tried and failed and learned from. This builds rapport and authority as someone who has “been there” and “done that”.

6 – Make sure viewers can find your videos

The best video in the world is useless if no one sees it, so make sure that your viewers can find your content. If you can, firs host the video on your own domain, before uploading it to a sharing site. Make sure your descriptions back-link to your domain. Allow your videos to be embedded, to encourage sharing. Use tags for relevant keywords, and add full descriptions and an unique title. All of this will help your videos be more discover-able.

7 – Leave the viewer feeling smarter

Viewers feel better about themselves when they learn something from what they watch. Deliver your content in easy to follow and understand segments, so that your viewers can really grasp the materials presented. If they feel that the have learned something of value, they will be eager to share that knowledge with others, creating more traffic for you.

8 – Utilize Social Proof to encourage sharing

We are all social creatures, and we tend to follow similar trends and thought patterns of those we associate or identify with. Allowing your viewers to leave comments an share your videos on social media will encourage more engagement and viewer feedback.

9 – Drive your viewer to take action

Don’t waste the opportunity to engage with your viewers after they view your content. Always leave them with some kind of “Call to action”, whether it simply a direction to visit your website for more information, or to register for a free report, or some other action.

10 – Increase conversions by adding video to your landing pages

If you have a sales page that has a lot of text on it, such that your visitors have to read a lot, that might be fine for some, but for the more visual learners, that could be a mild form of torture. By adding a video at the top of your sales page, which conveys all of the information provided in text, and the same call to action at the end, will be more engaging and will convert higher in the long run.

There you have it, 10 tips to help you become more effective with your video marketing. I hope you found this information valuable. Be sure to come back to this blog frequently for more valuable information.

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