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This is the Secret Ingredient of Highly Effective Marketing Videos

How many times have you watched a video online that moved you or motivated you to take action?  I would predict that the number is very low.

Although there is no shortage of interesting and entertaining videos online, the fact that something is entertaining or memorable doesn’t necessarily mean that it will compel you to buy something.

Usually, the videos that you enjoy watching online don’t have any real commercial value or message, they’re just fun to watch.  They don’t promote anything or direct you to take any specific action, they are just for fun.

This is what causes many people to be confused about video marketing.  Many video marketers assume that as long as their videos are memorable or entertaining that is enough to make it effective in selling a product or service.  Even if your video goes viral and is shared by millions of people, there’s no guarantee it will produce any sales for your business.

Don’t engage in magical thinking, the kind that leads you to believe that views and shares equate to dollars and cents.  They do not.

You have to approach your video marketing with clear thinking and a focused intent.  In fact, if you don’t, you could find yourself spending thousands on video marketing, and making no forward progress at all.

Many video marketers are under the misconception that effective marketing videos are cute, memorable, quirky, funny, interesting, weird, fascinating, earth-shattering, insightful or shocking.  But none of these traits do what is necessary, which is put money in your bank account.

Even a poorly created, amateurish video can bring home the bacon, if it possesses the right elements.

Don’t measure your success in shares, likes and retweets, none of these matter in the long run, only conversions will grow your business.

The secret to video marketing success is conversions.

Directly or indirectly, a marketing video must lead to conversions, or it’s a money loser.

Beyond conversions, great video marketing also contributes to developing and building a brand.  When someone watches a great marketing video, they know where the video came from, and they know there is more to come from that source.

Viewers also learn that a well branded source will produce high quality videos in the future, which helps to develop viewer loyalty.

As important as branding and quality are in video marketing, we have to focus on what’s really important in effective video marketing.  I’m talking about PRESENCE.

A highly effective marketing video is chuck full of presence.  You can tell what the brand is and what it stands for.  You know what product or service is being endorsed, and how it speaks to your specific needs. 

A video that conveys presence doesn’t have to be a human speaking into the camera, animated characters can also convey presence when utilized properly.  Presence is a human state of mind where we feel a connection and engagement with the speaker.

Many video marketers overlook the value of presence and believe that as long as they have the right “formula” that conversions will naturally occur, this could be a devastating mistake.

What complicates things even more is that presence is context specific.  Different niches will require different elements to create the appropriate presence for effective video marketing.

However, once you understand your niche and your target market, and you craft your video script and your brand to appropriately speak to that market, your level of success with effective video marketing will increase.

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