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Why Do Most Marketing Videos Suck?

Let’s be honest, a lot of the marketing videos you’ll find on sites like YouTube are really, really bad.

It’s no surprise that they get dismal view numbers or bad comments.  What’s going on?  Why do so many marketing videos suck?  Why do most video marketers fail so miserably?

It doesn’t take long to recognize some emerging patterns when you watch enough of these horribly ineffective videos (not an exercise that I would recommend).

Here are some of the patterns I have observed.

Mass Quantity

It appears that many of the videos were all created using the same cookie cutter template, that was repeated and only slightly changed over and over again.  The same script, very similar graphics, the same ineffective copy…worthless.

No Presence

Another feature I observed is that the videos didn’t create any sort of presence in the mind of the viewer.

Some of these videos appear as though a lot of time and money went into creating them, but the video itself didn’t convey any sort of brand recognition or authority.

Doesn’t Fit a Niche

Another issue I observed about these failing videos is that they were to broad in scope.  They didn’t narrow down to a specific segment within the niche they were supposedly targeting, and so they missed the mark of attracting the right targeted audience.

Niche is everything with video marketing, and these videos either failed to target the right niche or didn’t represent their niche appropriately.

They Don’t Build Brands

The final observation about why many of these videos suck is that they don’t even bother to create a brand.  They just present dull, generic information without targeting the right niche or audience or representing their product or brand in an effective way.

You have to build your brand in your video marketing, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and money.  If you’re serious about getting great results from your video marketing efforts, then you have to approach it with the right purpose and specific focus.

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